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Frequently asked questions

Here you will find answers to the most common questions when planning, buying, installing and accessorizing your space. Yes, there is a lot of scrolling and reading to be done, but we think it will be worth it!


What's the delivery time? It depends what time of the year you are ordering. We make our customers orders in bigger batches. Read more under the heading general.


How to install the cupboards? We'll send you a Pdf with assembly instructions. Read more under the heading installation.


What does the payment process look like? You pay 50% at the time of order and 50% just before delivery. Read more under the heading billing.


Can I have a NCS code for your colours? No, unfortunately we don't have any NCS codes. But if you buy carpentry you can order some extra paint!


What kitchen styles do you produce?
We manufacture kitchens and other carpentries with different types of profiles: Shaker (classic shaker), Plain (smooth door) and Neighbor (coming soon). Our cupboards meet our own standard measurements and unfortunately we cannot manufacture any special cabinets. The cupboards are manufactured in Kungälv just outside Gothenburg, on the west coast of Sweden.

How can I obtain The Kitchen Planner™ from Cupboards & Goods, and am I obliged to buy a kitchen from you at the same time?
The Kitchen Planner™ is available to anyone via our webshop. There is no obligation to buy a kitchen from us. The cost of the Kitchen Planner™ is fully refunded upon order of a kitchen from us.

What is the delivery time? 
We produce the carpentry in the order in which the orders come in. Normal delivery time is around 6-10 weeks. Please contact us at for more information about the current delivery time. Plan your renovation well in advance.

Can I return my kitchen cupboards if I don’t like them?
Since every cupboard from us is made to order in a colour specified by you, you cannot return them.

Are your cupboards hand painted?
No. Our cupboards are all spray painted. If you prefer a hand-painted finish, adding a final coat by hand after the kitchen is installed is always an option. We also recommend doing so about a year after installation. You can order the exact color of your carpentry via Happy homes/Billdal’s color house in Billdal. Contact Martin, to place an order. 

Do you have a showroom?
Yes. We currently have a showroom in Gothenburg, Sweden. Please send us an email to to book a visit at Erik Dahlbergsgatan 3, Gothenburg. 

Do you ship to my country?
We ship within all of the EU and to Norway. Please contact us for more information and a shipping quote. For delivery to Norway, a fee for customs handling is added.


Can I get a quote for a new kitchen?
No. We do not send out individual quotes, they are available online. When you put your carpentry in the shopping cart for the order request in our webshop, the cost is updated in real time and you have full control of the current cost.

When will I receive my invoice?
You will receive an initial invoice, covering 50% of the total value, once we have checked and confirmed your order. A final invoice, covering the final 50% of the total value, will be sent to you in the time leading up to the shipment of your kitchen. The payment terms for invoices is 10 days.

When will I receive the invoice for my stone worktop?
You will be invoiced once the worktop’s in place. Please note that we only deliver stone worktops within Sweden and the Copenhagen area in Denmark. The payment terms for invoices is 10 days.

Can I pay for my kitchen with a debit/credit card?
No, unfortunately you cannot pay by card, only by invoice/bank transfer.

Can I finance my carpentry through a bank that you cooperate with?
Yes, you can apply for a loan to finance our cupboards via SVEA ekonomi. Read more under the heading “Financing” in the main menu or contact Marcus Sahlin,


What does ‘pre-assembled kitchen units’ actually mean?
It means that the kitchen units arrive at your door fully assembled, painted, and ready to be put into place.

Do the cupboards have adjustable legs?
Yes, our cupboards have adjustable legs.

Why do your cupboards have the width dimensions 344 mm, 444 mm, 544 mm and so on?
Our cupboards frames are 22 mm thick. We have chosen to use these dimensions as the inner dimension of, for example, the dishwasher cabinet B61D is 600 mm (the outer dimension is a total of 644 mm). A dishwasher can then be placed inside the cabinet.

Are the cupboards suitable for use in bathrooms?
Yes. Our cupboards blend themselves well to being installed in bathrooms. However, they should not be installed where they will be in frequent contact with water, such as next to a shower. Feel free to hand-paint a final coat  of paint to avoid cracking in the frame, which can happen when the material moves during the different seasons’ humidity levels. You can buy extra paint from us. 

Is it possible to order cupboards with hinges in a different finish?
Yes, you can. Our cupboards comes with brass hinges as standard, but if you would prefer chrome hinges, please leave us a message when sending us your order request.

 Why is it not possible to order cupboards with custom measurements?
Our cupboards comes in a range of standard sizes that make our kitchens very close to bespoke at a reasonable price. For fully bespoke kitchens, our sister company Kitchen & Beyond can assist you.

I want a base cupboard for a small fridge, which do I choose?
Then you should choose the base cupboard for integrated dishwasher B61D. Please let us know so that we can send you extra hinges.

What are the measurements on the cupboards inside shelves?
Our shelves are made of the same 22 mm thick pine as in the base of our other cupboards.

I want lighting in my cupboards!
For lighting please order an extra shelf for your wall cupboard to place at the bottom of the cupboard, to cover the lighting you have chosen. You’ll have to adjust the cupboard yourself.

What’s the height of the optional cornice?
The height of the cornice is 65 mm.

Is it possible to choose the height of the shelves inside the cupboards?
No, you install the shelf carrier in pre-drilled holes and then put the shelf in place. The shelves are delivered separately to avoid any damage in shipping.

If I want cupboards from “wall to wall”, how much space do I need for “air” so the cupboards will fit my space?
Always leave at least 40 mm if you’re building a kitchen from a wall to another. If the measurement is the exact measurement of the space, the cupboards won’t fit when you install them.

I need to order a single side, can I?
Yes, of course, we can get you extra sides if you need them due to your room’s measurements. We use the same material as in the rest of our cupboards.

There are electrical outlets or other things in the way behind the cabinet, can you adjust the cupboard for me?
No, we do not adjust your cupboards at the carpentry shop, as the safest way is for you or your craftsman to do it directly on site


Why can’t I order a stone worktop directly on your website?
Making cuts in stone requires special equipment and is a delicate process. Each kitchen layout is unique and consequently, your worktop will be the same. We want to guarantee that your stone worktop fits perfectly. Therefore, if you would like a quote, please send us your measurements. Be careful when making those measurements to get a quote that’s as accurate as possible. The quote may be adjusted when the stone masons have taken the accurate measurements. It will be done when the cupboards are installed.

How much overhang would be required for a stone worktop?
For an attractive look, allow 10mm to 20mm of overhang.

What’s the best height for an upstand?
We like an upstand to be 60 mm high.

Is it possible to measure and create a template for a stone worktop ahead of the kitchen base cupboards being installed?
No. The base cupboards must be installed and any appliances to be built into the worktop, along with taps and sinks, must be available in order to enable the stonemasons to create an accurate template.

What should I do if I need a stone worktop cut to accommodate an under-mounted sink?
For a sink to be under-mounted, you need to make sure that it is available at the Steny stonemasons before they begin cutting your worktop. If you can’t deliver it in person, please arrange to have it delivered to your local Steny dealer. The delivery must be clearly marked with your name and order number.

Why do the stonemasons need to send someone out to measure before making a template?
All cuts and holes necessary to accommodate appliances, sinks, taps, and plumbing must be included to a very precise standard on the template.

How long will it be before I receive my worktop?
A typical lead time is approximately fourteen to twenty working days after the templates have been made. Please note that the delivery time may be longer during the summer holiday period and the Christmas and New Year weekend. Please plan well in advance.

Where will the joint in a stone countertop go?
There will be a joint in pieces that exceed the length of 2500 mm (marble, limestone and granite). The stone worktop splits in the appropriate place. Feel free to ask your stone mason when measuring where the joint will go.

What are the wooden worktops oiled with?
We use hard wax oil. Use it once every 6 months the first couple of years and once a year after that.

Where should I place a possible joint in my wooden worktop?
Place it where you think it fits best and disturbs the least, but not right next to the sink as moisture risks getting into the worktop.

Is natural stone sensitive to stains?
Yes! Marble, limestone and granite are susceptible to stains. Stains mainly occur in contact with acid. Always wipe your stone countertop clean in case of spills. Impregnate your stone with stone soap from time to time. The soap gives the stone a natural protection. We think that stone ages nicely and gains character from use and becomes more beautiful over the years.

Can I make “ROT-avdrag” for modeling and assembly? (this information applies to Swedish customers)
No. We provide the worktop in stone and do not assemble it ourselves (that is done by the stonemason), which means that ROT-avdrag cannot be made for assembly. The worktop is invoiced from us in its entirety, including assembly, to you.


Do you install the cupboards as well?
No, we do not. If you do not wish to install the cupboards yourself, we recommend contacting a professional builder or kitchen fitter.

How difficult is it to install a kitchen from Cupboards & Goods?
It all depends on how practically minded you are. Only basic tools such as a hammer, spanners and screwdrivers are needed, along with measuring tools, patience and precision. If you feel uncertain always contact a professional builder.

Do I get material for installation from you?
No we don’t provide material for installation.

What screws to use to attach the cupboards to each other?
Use ordinary wooden screw 4 x 40 mm. To avoid a visible screw inside the cupboard please remove drawers and doors form the cupboard, then put the screw in one of the drawer rails hole or just in front of the doors mounting plates.

What is the ideal skirting board height if I would like to create a built-in look for my base cupboards?
A 120 mm skirting board is ideal, but anything between 100mm and 144mm will work aesthetically and will not obstruct the cupboard doors.

Can I fill the joins between the cupboards for a smooth finish?
Yes, you can, but it will require you to sand and paint the surface yourself after installation.

How far should it be between the kitchen cabinets and the kitchen island?
Optimal measurement is 1200 mm, but anything from 900 mm to 1200 mm works. Before you decide which model of kitchen island to choose, it is a good idea to mark the dimensions of the kitchen island on the floor with tape or cardboard. In this way, you get an idea of how you move in the room and what place the kitchen island takes.

My Butler sink need to be adjusted in height, how do I install it?
Our Butler sinks are handmade in England, therefore the size can vary +/-3%. To install it above the worktop (if desired) you  need plastic spacers to put under the sink until its reached the desired height. Use glue (to get the right one please consult your hardware store) to fixate the sink. If you need to order extra material to cover the gap, please contact us.

Which side of the door should face outwards on my cupboard for fridge, freezer and dishwasher?
Look carefully, the outside of the door has the same shaker frame (for carpentry with a shaker profile) and appearance as the other cabinets! T610FF and T610F comes with internal hinges, that are used if necessary, if the installation of the appliance requires it. B61D for dishwasher comes without hinges. Be careful when fitting the doors so you don’t screw through. Carefully read the cupboard’s description and measurements under each product in our web shop.

How do I adjust the cupboard doors?
For the dimensions of the hatches, it is calculated on a gap of 2mm all around and a gap of 2mm between hatches, it may differ slightly from time to time during the year depending on humidity/temperature etc. This is standard as our doors and fronts must have a range of movement so that they do not seize during humid summers when the doors and fronts can swell slightly. You or your carpenter adjust the position of the door via the hinges. The rear screw adjusts the door forward/backward and the front screw adjusts the position of the door as seen from the front.

How do I place the inserts in the drawers?
To place the insert in the drawer, the drawer may need to be lifted out of the cupboard. Depending on the fitting and its screw, a countersunk screw may also be needed for the insert to fit. Then drill with a larger drill from the inside of the drawer so that the head of the fitting screw fits into the drawer front, NOTE do not drill all the way through the drawer front, then mount the fitting as usual.

Which screw do I need for knobs or handles?
If you buy knobs or handles from us, the screws are included. Otherwise, use a mounting screw that is at least 28 mm long. Screws for knobs or handles are available at your hardware store. For the best result, detach the drawer fronts on cupboards with drawers, fit the knob or handle and then put the drawer fronts back on. For inspiration and pictures of how we like to mount knobs and handles, look under the references heading in the main menu.

I have questions regarding the installation, who do I contact?
Please contact us at

Materials and paint

Are the kitchen units from Cupboards & Goods painted and sealed when they arrive at my home?
Yes. They arrive painted in the colour you specified in your order.  

Can I order my kitchen cupboards in a different colour than what you currently offer?
No, we have 17 standard colors and 4 colors that we have developed in collaboration with Carl Larssongården, the collection is called “Ett Hem”. You will find our 17 standard colors in our webshop. If you want to order products in “Ett Hem” colours, just leave a message in the message box in the shop’s checkout. We do not have NCS codes for our colors. After you have received the order confirmation, you cannot make any changes to your carpentry order.

What do I do if I want a matching wall color?
We recommend that you bring our color samples (included in the Kitchen Planner) to your chosen paint retailer for assistance or contact  Martin, at Happy homes/Billdals färghus i Billdal.

Appliances and Hardware

Can I order worktops, faucets, and hardware from external parties to go with the kitchens from Cupboards & Goods?
Yes, of course. You are free to choose and fit any such items to your Cupboards & Goods kitchen. Note that Ikeas appliances normally doesn’t fit our cupboards.

What extractor fans can be integrated into your fan cupboards?
We recommend Emir from Fjäråskupan, 54 cm for our F6 cupboard and 72 cm for our F9 cupboard. Order it separately in the webshop. Other extractor fans work as well. Just be sure to check the measurements.

What refrigerators and freezers can be built into your cupboards?
When selecting which appliances to fit into your cupboards, ensure that the measurements are accurate. We suggest that you bring the required cupboard measurements to your appliance store, which will assist you in selecting the most appropriate appliance. Additionally, it’s critical to know that refrigerator and freezer cupboards have chrome internal hinges that are fitted by you or your craftsman to accommodate a number of appliance alternatives. All cupboard measurements are accessible on their individual web pages within our shop. If your appliance store is unable to assist you, please contact us so that any misunderstandings may be resolved. Note that Ikeas appliances normally doesn’t fit our cupboards.

Where do I get plastic accessories to put under the appliances?
They usually come with the appliance or are possible to buy at your nearest retailer.

What kind of dishwasher will fit the B61D cupboard for an integrated dishwasher?
The dishwasher cabinet B61D measures 600 mm inside, which allows you to place your dishwasher in the cabinet. In the web shop you will find a detailed drawing of the cabinet B61D and its dimensions, ask your appliance retailer for help. Pay particular attention to the height of the door and base. Note that Ikeas appliances normally doesn’t fit our cupboards.



What is a typical lead time when ordering a kitchen from Cupboards & Goods?
Normally, it takes approximately 10-20 weeks (depending on which batch your order ends up in) from invoice numer one is paid until the kitchen is ready to be delivered/picked up at the carpentry shop in Kungälv. During the summer v 28-32 and during the Christmas and New Year holidays, the carpentry is closed and these weeks are not included in the normal delivery time.

How much does the shipment of my new kitchen cost?
Since every kitchen that we make is unique, the cost of shipping will vary from customer to customer. We are happy to assist you with a shipping quote from a forwarder that covers your destination.

Can I collect my new kitchen at the factory?
Yes, you certainly can. We will notify you some time in advance before your new kitchen is ready for shipment, and decide on a convenient date and time for you to come and collect the goods.

Do you ship abroad?
Yes, within the EU and to Norway. Please send all inquiries regarding international shipping to

Taps/faucets, details and Sinks

What size would you recommend for an additional sink, next to the stove for instance?
For such an application we would recommend a sink with a minimum width of approximately 400mm.

Where can I find a “dishwasher cutoff” for my Roma faucet?
In our webshop!  We and our supplier of faucets are always available for questions regarding our faucets and their installation. You can also use an electric cutoff instead of a dishwasher cutoff on top of the counter. These are provided by your plumber. Read about the requirements for installing a dishwasher in your home insurance.

Is it possible to undermount a Butler sink?
No, If you’re looking for a porcelain sink to undermount please choose the Classic inset sink.

I need a product specification for my tap, where do I find it?
Below every faucet in our shop, you’ll find all the information and drawings you need!

Which cc-measurement should I choose for my Roma adjustable two-knob faucet?
We recommend that the cc-measurent is 200mm for a neat result.

Are knobs and handles included when buying cupboards?
Knobs and handles are not included, nor do we pre-drill holes for them as all customers choose different types of knobs and handles. If you want tips on how to place the fittings, please look at our pictures of cabinets under the heading references in the main menu.

How many knobs do you recommend to use on your wide base cabinets with drawers?
It is a matter of taste, but be aware that in the long term the drawers run the risk of becoming crooked if you choose to use two knobs on a drawer front, as you tend to only use one when pulling out drawers.