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How to select the finishing details

How to choose

You’ve optimised the space and the cupboards, worktops and appliances are in place. Now what? Before you break in your new kitchen, it is time to think about the details that take your kitchen from great to excellent. This is your chance to add character and personality to your kitchen.


Details matters! We have fittings for both a classic shaker style carpentry and a modern style carpentry.


Is it hard to visualize the end result? Save inspiration images to clarify the feeling you want your cabinets to have.


Ask us! We will be happy to help you with suggestions for details that suit you and your preferred style.


Be sure to follow all the rules when installing, for example, faucets. Contact your plumber if you have any questions.

How to select the finishing details

Choose your kitchen taps carefully. By investing a little more, you will benefit from better performance, efficiency and longevity. By choosing high-quality taps, you can avoid premature wear and dodge the cost of a replacement. But it does not end there. The market provides a host of different models, constructions and materials. Always make sure that you can fit large pans or even a bucket under your kitchen tap.

The sink serves as the jack of all trades in the kitchen. It is an integral part of the cooking process, as well as being the holding area for dirty dishes before they are loaded into the dishwasher. To match your taste, budget and the style of your kitchen, the sink can be had in a host of different materials, colours and sizes. Think about how you will use your sink. Will a double sink serve you better than a large single one? Will all of your pans and cutting boards fit? The sinks available from Cupboards & Goods are all carefully selected to perfectly match the style of our kitchens. Our stainless steel sinks are perfect for worktop integration, and our oversized porcelain or marble sinks are objects of beauty in their own right. Our marble sinks are specially made in Italy for Cupboards & Goods. They are hand-crafted out of solid blocks of marble and become statement pieces in any kitchen.

Pulls, knobs and other hardware make up the final finishing touch for your kitchen. Since they exist for purely practical reasons, they are in constant use and subsequently see a lot of wear and tear. To cope with constant heavy use, choose high-quality hardware that is durable as well as beautiful and easy to clean. Realising that shapes and materials are always a matter of personal taste, our only advice is to choose materials that fit in well with those of the sink and taps for a coherent and beautiful end result. To stay true to our own beliefs, true craftsmanship and genuine materials, we have compiled a selection of hardware that are perfect for our kitchens and that are made to the highest quality standards, both when it comes to durability and functionality.

If you are changing the layout of your kitchen, always consult with your local authorities to access the most up-to-date information in order to comply with legal requirements and building codes.