Purus stainless steel worktop polished

A stainless steel worktop is both timeless, practical and stylish. There is a good reason why professionals in restaurants choose stainless steel for their kitchens – it is hygienic, durable and easy to clean, simply a material that withstands use and with its patina only gets more beautiful with age.
Stainless steel is a classic, timeless material that matches all interior styles, from ultra-modern designer kitchens, to country shaker kitchens, or if you want to recreate a kitchen in an older house, these are some of the reasons why stainless steel is now a common choice in our kitchens as well in the home.

Purus worktops are mounted on a moisture-resistant chipboard, which provides a stable and silent worktop that can withstand working on. It also means that the worktop can be attached to the frames and that the mixer sits firmly. Purus worktops always come with pre-sawed holes for e.g. mixer and hob, which makes it easier for the craftsman and provides a precise fit. All products from Purus are customer-unique and custom-made, which means that you as a customer can design your interior with great flexibility. Please contact us for a quote!