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The dream kitchen.
created by you.

Four easy steps. That is all that stands between you and your handmade kitchen. Letting you handle the design work and us sticking to standard cupboard measurements, allows us to offer tailor-made kitchens at a fair price. It all starts with the Kitchen Planner™.

We are closed for holidays between July 8 and July 22. Orders and inquiries are processed after July 22. We wish you a nice summer!

With the Kitchen Planner designing your kitchen is intuitive and easy

Order the Kitchen Planner. It is designed to place you at the very centre of the creative process, and lets you create your very own Shaker-style kitchen.
Use the Kitchen Planner to create a scale model of your new kitchen by playing with the miniature cupboard blocks, the colours and the materials.
Once you are happy with the design, submit the order and we will reach out to you before the carpentry begin the production.
When the cupboards have been made there are several delivery options to choose from. The installation is simple and done using our guides.

Take a closer look at our



Take a closer look at our



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Kitchens & bathrooms

to be inspired by

Our cupboards offer a host of possibilities for kitchens, bathrooms and dressing rooms. Have a look at what others have built. Click below for inspiration and a breakdown of costs. Share your own build by tagging #cupboardsandgoods and #thekitchenplanner.


Crafted on Sweden’s west coast

Smooth surfaces free from scratches and dents. Solid oak drawers with dovetail joinery. Drawn butt hinges that stand the test of time with daily use. These are all telltale signs of the quality carpentry that goes into crafting a kitchen from Cupboards & Goods.


A seamless fit with your lifestyle

A kitchen is only as good as the moments enjoyed there. This is why at Cupboards & Goods we make it our aim to help you create a kitchen that is all about you. After all, your idea of the perfect kitchen is a personal one.


Delivered directly to your doorstep

With Cupboards & Goods, there is no unpacking and assembling of flat packs, or looking for that one lost screw that seems to have vanished from the face of the earth. All of our hand-built kitchen cupboards arrive at your door fully assembled.

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