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About us

With a father who was a master home painter and a mother with a keen eye for interior design, Mia Sahlin’s passion for quality colours and materials was instilled from earliest childhood. Some of her fondest memories are from summer breaks and weekends spent wearing work overalls covered in sawdust and paint, helping her father out in the family business.

In her adult life, Mia continued down this path, remodeling countless properties with her husband, Marcus. Her passion gradually turned into a successful business when in 2016 she launched Kitchen & Beyond, a Gothenburg-based kitchen manufacturer, specialising in crafting bespoke high-end kitchens for clients around the globe.

Pursuing a wish to make her services available to a larger audience at an affordable price, while also retaining Kitchen & Beyond’s level of craftsmanship and customisation, she and Marcus launched Cupboards & Goods in early 2020.

Cupboards & Goods offers handmade, tailor-made and pre-assembled kitchens built in the tiny village of Hyssna, located on Sweden’s west coast. It is her privilege to provide the very best in materials and craftsmanship, while leaving full creative control in your hands.

We are Cupboards & Goods

From left to right:

Stefan Asteberg

Anders Sörli
Project Manager and Head Carpenter

Martin Mähl (not in picture)
Project Manager and Head Carpenter

Sara Hellman
Project Manager

Johanna Bradford

Mia Sahlin
Co-Founder and Creative Director

Marcus Sahlin
Co-Founder and CEO

Ludvig Sahlin (not in picture)
Project Manager