Emir integrated extractor fan

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Emir is a compact built-in fan that is particularly suitable for our fan cabinet FT6 (540 mm) or FT9 (720 mm). Stainless steel with a turning panel. Recommended mounting height is 650 mm above bench. Mount it slightly higher if you have a gas stove.

W 540 mm/720 mm • D 360 mm

Made to order, delivery time approx. 3-4 weeks.

ELECTRICAL CONNECTION: Earthed plug: 1.3 M, 230V-1.5A-50Hz, MAX POWER STANDARD MOTOR: 176 W, TOTAL POWER STANDARD MOTOR: 194 W, LIGHTING: 4 X 2.3 W LED, POWER LIGHTING: 11.5 W, COLOR TEMPERATURE: Approx. 3,000 K, LIGHTING MAX: 655 Lux, 11.5 W, LOWEST DIMMER: 4 Lux, 2 W, GREASE FILTER: Stainless design filters with six layers of anodized aluminum (safe in the dishwasher), FAN CONTROL: Rotary panel with five normal modes and three intensive modes, TIMER-CONTROLLED REAR VENTILATION :Yes, about 15 min, PERIODIC VENTILATION:No (with Bluetooth only), RELAY OUTPUT:Yes (for EC motor), DUCT CONNECTION STANDARD MOTOR:160 mm, DUCT CONNECTION CENTRAL VENTILATION:125 mm, COLD PROTECTION:Yes


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